navit for mountainbiking

03-Sep-2012 r5221M with
*patch from ticket 1040 for waypoints as numbered bubbles with insert, move, delete, show waypoints as selector in POI list
*patch from ticket 1029 for reset odometer

copy settings to /sdcard/navit and set in navit.xml the downloaded map in tag mapset
*shows bookmarks=waypoints as bubbles with map 'My Bike' as default
*vehicle profile 'MTB hills' as default, which prefer track gravelled. Use waypoints to route on paths.
*vehicle profile 'MTB flat', paths has higher weight, footway added.
*odometer with all fields for resolution 480x854 (motorola defy, defy+), 320x480 (xperia active)
*save tracklog to /sdcard/navit/tracks/
*load /sdcard/navit/tracks/mytrack.txt as map if exists

resolution 480x854 (motorola defy, defy+) for my patched build: 08-Jun-2012

resolution 320x480 (xperia active) for trunk: 08-Jun-2012

screenshots with this settings in mode for tour planning and drive mode:

Drive mode. Stop a odometer value with single click, reset with doubleclick (a bit difficult). At home without gps fix the screen must sometimes updated by hand with moving the map. The circle is a waypoint. If you reach a waypoint without gps fix (eg. bad weather or forrest) the waypoint must removed with button "Drop next waypoint". The red "i" is "zoom to route". The upper large values without label are current height and km/h.

Plan mode. A location menu is shown on a short map click/touch, this can enabled/disabled with "Toggle map click". Set waypoint with a long click/touch on a map point. WP 1 to 2 is the best uphill from Heidelberg to Koenigstuhl which i drive since years without gps, navit find the right way. WP 3-7 is a path. The waypoint numbering on map is currently not in navit trunk.

Bookmark folder view. A panned routes is saveable in a bookmark folder. Plan a route, add bookmark folder, go into folder, press "save waypoints". Load a route with "Bookmarks as waypoints" in the folder.

to follow a gpx track: gpx to txt converter is here